Save The Earth Foundation International

Ramdhuni-1, Sunsari, Nepal



                  The development of well-developed social structures that have traditionally existed in Sunsari district will be developed as a regional level social institution within the first 5 years for the construction of community environment and health societies for single women, senior citizens, adolescent girls and children.


                 To improve the awareness of health and to facilitate accessibly of health facilities and wellbeing status of subsistence communities and people of sunsari.


                 To assist the construction of healthy & Eco. Friendly society, to the sustainable development of community.


                    Developing the social, economical and health state of the rural & urban people of Sunsari district with the coordination cooperation of the local people, their good and best socio economic practice.


  • To strengthen explain & signify the interrelationship between nature & human in conservation of the environment.
  • To aware present status of public health critical issues (Medical abortion , contraceptives prevalence rate nutrition)   rules and regulation and facilities to communities for demand creation  and build of their access to communities, capacities and institutional development  of service provider .
  • Social marketing and social mobilization of communities family planning.
  • Empowerment of the people Centered poverty Reduction programmed through the sustainable agriculture program.
  •  To aware Dalits & backwards or DAG community regarding the Right Based issue in organized form and to enhance their good tradition and practice for elimination of poverty..
  • To work with the Networking approach for achieve the goals.
  • Preference to the research & appropriate publications.
  • To reduce the climate change through young energetic generation


  •  To be centered and extract on community Good knowledge and best skill.
  • Social marketing  of  important health facilities .
  •  To prepare participatory programs & planning approach.
  • To give priority for networking.
  • Emphasis on cooperation & Co-Ordination among the stakeholders.
  •  To be Sincere on gender and inclusive approach.
  • Public audit and public hearing 
  • inclusiveness
  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation through the community, stake holder and organization.