Save The Earth Foundation International

Ramdhuni-1, Sunsari, Nepal



                             The Save the Earth Foundation international (SAVE THE EARTH) Sunsari Nepal  is   a non-profitable  public benefited  social support organization to   dedicated to the expansion of environmental awareness public health  in our society. As an organization committed to raising public environmental health consciousness by supporting social mobilization, social marketing, and institutional devel0pment of groups  by  participatory approach and educational programs, we are optimistic that our work will have a very positive impact  to the mobilization of community in positive way for development  process. Beginning of establishment this organization is  efforts always trying to solve social problem and community development.                                  

                         The Save the Earth embraces overall objectives which include enhancing the quality of people with context of sustainable environment development, public health and wellbeing of communities. And with promoting a better understanding of the outcomes, effects and impacts of society, communities.

                 Save the earth foundation international situated at Ram Dhuni Bhasi municipality 1 Milan tole Sunsari, it was established by the enthusiast youths on 1994 AD to bring about the positive changes in the social structure of society through sustainable development by the creative activities. The organization has remained consistent with its objectives and aim since the inception. Through its activities and vision it has been successful in establishing distinct identity among the community support organization of Sunsari District.  

1.  Full Name of the Organization: 

     Save the Earth Foundation International (Save the Earth)

2. Year of Establishment/Registered :-      2 / 11 / 2051  BS

3. Full Address for Correspondence:-

    Ramdhuni Municipality– 1, Sunsari

     Postal address: Ramdhuni-1, Sunsari

    Tel/fax: 025-662256


4. Name of Official Contact Person/Responsible Person with regards to this EOI

       Full name: Puspa Bahadur Bhattarai                                          Designation: Chairman

      Contact Tel/Landline#: 025-662256                                            Mobile phone #: 9842061093


5. Type of organization ( please tick mark √ as applicable to your agency)

Government Institution/agency Private Ltd ( e.g. consulting firm)
NGO ( Non-government organization) Media organization
Other (please specify, for e.g. research, academic, training institute, etc.) …  

5. Registration Details:

       1.1. If in the District Administration Office:                            Registration Number: 225

                Date of registration:  2/11/2051 BS                               Recent renewal date:  24/5/2075

       1.2. If in the Social Welfare Council (SWC):                            Registration Number: 2851

                Date of Registration: 19/2/2052 BS                               Recent renewal date:   1/11/2073 BS

        1.3. PAN Registration number: 302874462

                Date of Registration: 5/7/2065 BS                                Recent date of renewal ……………….

        1.4. VAT registration number: 302874462                          Date of registration:   12/12/2070 BS

        1.5. Latest Tax exemption letter (date): 14/9/2074 BS   renewed date:  14/6/2074 BS

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